Count Elements of List in Python

In this tutorial, I will show you different ways of how to count elements of list in python. so without wasting any time let’s get started.

1. By Using Builtin len() Function

len() is the builtin function which on calling returns the number of elements inside the object.

# program to count elements of list in python
data = [1,2,5,"a","banana"]
print("Size Of Data :",len(data))

Here is the output of above code.


output of program to find count elements of list in python

2. By using for-loop

In this code example, we have used for loop to count elements of the list.

Here is the algorithm.

  • We first initialize a count variable to 0.
  • We then iterate through the input list.
  • We then increment the count variable by 1.
  • Finally, we return the count to the caller.
# function to count elements of list in python
def find_size(data):
    count = 0 # initialize the variable to 0
    for i in data: # iterate through data
        count += 1 # increment count by 1
    return count

data = [8,5,3,6,7,1]
s = find_size(data)

Output :


3. Count Occurrences of a Given Element

In the below code, we have used the count method of the list to count the occurrence of an element.

>>> data = [1,2,1,3,5,1]
>>> data.count(1) # count how many times 1 appears in data

That’s the wrap for this tutorial.

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