Remove Character From String In Python

In this tutorial, I will show you different ways for how to remove character from string in python. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

1. Remove Character By Using Replace Method

In this code example, we used the replace() method of string to substitute characters from it.

# replace character from string in python
>>> x = "abbaacccfag" # input string

# Remove all 'a' from the string with empty string
>>> x.replace("a","")

# remove newline from string python
>>> "test \n 123 \n 456".replace("\n","")
'test  123  456'

Set the count argument to remove only specific number of times.

>>> x = "abbaacccfag" # input string

# only remove first occuring 'a'
>>> x.replace("a","",1)
# only remove 2 a
>>> 'bbacccfag'

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2. Remove Character From String In Python By Using For Loop

In the below coding snippet, we used for loop to remove all characters from the string.

Here is the algorithm.

  • First, we define an empty string.
  • Then we iterate through each character of the input string.
  • On each iteration, we check if the current character is not equal to the character to be removed, then add it to the string.
  • Return the final string to the user.
def remove(string,element):
    Function to Remove Character From String In Python

    result = '' # define an empty string
    for i in string: # iterate through the string
        if i!= element: # if i is not equal element
            result += i # add to the string
    return result

x = "abbaacccfag"

Here is the output of above code.

Output :

output of the code to Remove Character From String In Python

That’s wrap for this tutorial.

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